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Windows 8 Mail Keyboard Shortcuts
Ctrl+R Reply
Ctrl+Shift+R Reply all
Ctrl+F Forward
Ctrl+M Move item to a different folder
Ctrl+J Toggle between marking a message as junk or not junk
Ctrl+Shift+U Show only unread messages
Ctrl+Shift+A Show all messages
Ctrl+Shift+E Show Folder options
Ctrl+U Mark as unread
Ctrl+Q Mark as read
Ctrl+A Select all messages
Insert Toggle between Flag and Remove flag for messages
Ctrl+N New message
F5 Sync
Alt+B Put focus on the bcc button
Alt+C Put focus on the cc button
Alt+C Accept (meeting mode)
Alt+D Decline
Alt+T Put focus on the To button
Alt+T Tentative (meeting mode)
Alt+V Open the invitation in Calendar
Alt+S Send mail
Alt+i Insert attachment
Ctrl+Shift+F Select a font
Ctrl+Spacebar Clear formatting
Ctrl+Y Redo
F4 Redo
Ctrl+[ Increase font size one point
Ctrl+] Decrease font size one point
Ctrl+Shift+, Decrease font size
Ctrl+Shift+. Increase font size
Ctrl+K Add a link
Ctrl+E Center
Ctrl+L Left
Ctrl+R Right
Ctrl+Shift+L Bullets
Ctrl+M Indent when text is selected
Ctrl+Shift+M Outdent
Tab or Shift+Tab Indent/outdent when text is selected or when focus is in a list
Ctrl+' Acute accent
Ctrl+, Cedilla accent
Ctrl+Shift+6 Circumflex accent
Ctrl+Shift+; Diaeresis accent
Ctrl+` Grave accent
Ctrl+Shift+7 Ligature accent
Ctrl+Shift+2 Ring accent
Ctrl+/ Forward slash accent
Ctrl+Shift+` Tilde accent
Alt+Ctrl+Shift+1 Inverted exclamation mark
Alt+Ctrl+Shift+/ Inverted question mark

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