Microsoft Telnet Client tips and tricks

The telnet client is the most basic tool at your disposal when troubleshooting any network related problem. Here are some tips for using the Microsoft Telnet Client.

If you do not specify a host to open the telnet client starts in command mode. Usually you should start telnet with a host specified in the command line in which case it will start in connection mode. In connection mode everything you type goes to the host you are connected to. The only exception is the control character used to switch to command mode.

To switch from connection mode to command mode use the control character (the default is CTRL+]).

To switch from command mode to connection mode press Enter on an empty line. This only works if a connection is open.

How to turn on the local character display
Press Ctrl+]
Type set localecho
Press Enter on a blank line to return no connection mode

How to turn on client logging
Press Ctrl+]
Type set logfile telnet.log
Press Enter on a blank line to return to connection mode

Microsoft Telnet Client command line arguments and commands