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Adobe Illustrator 9 Keyboard Shortcuts
Ctrl-N New Document dialog box
Ctrl-O Open dialog box in Adobe Illustrator
Ctrl-W Close
Ctrl-S Save
Ctrl-Shift-S Save As dialog box in Adobe Illustrator
Ctrl-Alt-S Save a Copy dialog box
Ctrl-Alt-P Document Setup dialog box
Ctrl-Q Quit/Exit Illustrator
V Selection
A Direct-selection
Y Lasso
Q Direct-select Lasso
P Pen
T Type
L Ellipse
M Rectangle
B Paintbrush
N Pencil
R Rotate
S Scale
O Reflect
E Free Transform
W Blend
J Column Graph
U Gradient Mesh
G Gradient
I Eyedropper
C Scissors
H Hand
Z Zoom
+ Add-anchor-point
- Delete-anchor-point
Shift-C Convert-anchor-point
Dialog boxes
Tab Highlight next field/option in Adobe Illustrator dialog boxes
Shift-Tab Highlight previous field/option
Esc Cancel
Enter OK
Tab Show/hide all palettes
Shift-Tab Show/hide all palettes except Toolbox
Enter Apply value in palette field in Adobe Illustrator
Shift-Enter Apply value in field, keep field selected
Tab Highlight next field (pointer in palette)
Shift-Tab Highlight previous field (pointer in palette)
Ctrl-Y Preview/Outline view toggle
Ctrl-Alt-Y Pixel Preview view on/off in Adobe Illustrator
Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Y Overprint Preview view on/off
Caps lock Use crosshair pointer (drawing tools)
Ctrl-H Show/Hide Edges
Double-click Hand tool Display entire artboard in Adobe Illustrator
Ctrl-0 Fit In Window
Double-click Zoom tool or Ctrl-1 100% view size
Alt-click Zoom out (Zoom tool selected)
Ctrl-Spacebar-click or Ctrl-+ Zoom in (any tool selected)
Ctrl-Alt-Spacebar-click or Ctrl-�(minus) Zoom out (any tool selected)
Drag with Zoom tool, then Spacebar-drag Adjust Zoom marquee position
Drag Zoom tool or Ctrl-drag in Navigator palette Zoom in on specific area of artboard
Spacebar Use Hand tool (any tool selected)
Ctrl-Alt-Shift-3 Hide all unselected objects in Adobe Illustrator
Ctrl-Alt-3 Show All
Ctrl-Shift-W Show/Hide Template(s)
Ctrl-Shift-B Show/Hide Bounding Box
Ctrl-Shift-D Show/Hide Transparency Grid
F with menu bar/Full screen mode Standard screen mode/Full screen mode
Ctrl-Z Undo last operation in Adobe Illustrator
Ctrl-Shift-Z Redo last undone operation
Create objects
Alt-drag Draw object from center using Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, or Ellipse tool in Adobe Illustrator
Shift-drag Draw circle with Rectangle or Rounded Rectangle tool; square with Ellipse tool
Polygon, Star, Spiral tools
Spacebar Move object as you draw with Polygon, Star, or Spiral tool
Shift Constrain orientation as you draw with Polygon, Star, or Spiral tool
Up or down arrow Add or subtract sides as you draw with the Polygon tool, points as you draw with the Star tool, or segments as you draw with the Spiral tool
Alt Align shoulders as you draw with Star tool
Ctrl Increase or decrease outer radius as you draw with Star tool or decay as you draw with Spiral tool
Ctrl-6 Select Again (last used command on Edit menu > Select submenu)
Ctrl Use last-used selection tool (any non-selection tool chosen)
Ctrl-Tab Toggle between Selection tool and Direct-selection tool or Group-selection tool
Alt Toggle between Group-selection and Direct-selection tools
Ctrl-A Select All in Adobe Illustrator
Ctrl-Shift-A Deselect All
Ctrl-Alt-[-click Select an object hidden behind another object
Shift-drag Add to selection with either lasso tool in Adobe Illustrator
Alt-drag Subtract from selection with either lasso tool
Double-click Selection tool Move dialog box
Alt-drag Drag copy of object
Any arrow key Move selected object the current Keyboard Increment (Preferences > General)
Shift-arrow key Move selection 10x Keyboard Increment in Adobe Illustrator
Shift Constrain movement to multiple of 45º
Ctrl-X Cut
Ctrl-C Copy
Ctrl-V Paste
Ctrl-F Paste In Front
Ctrl-B Paste In Back
Alt-click Transform tool dialog/set origin (any transform tool except Free Transform)
Shift-drag Transform object along multiple of 45º (Shear, Reflect, Rotate tool)
Shift-drag Scale object uniformly (Scale, Free Transform tools)
F-11 Show/Hide Attributes palette in Adobe Illustrator
Ctrl-D Transform Again
~ drag Transform pattern fill, not object(any transform tool)
Start dragging, then Alt-drag Transform copy of object (any transform tool) in Adobe Illustrator
Modify value, then press Alt-Enter Transform copy of object (Transform palette)
Modify W or H value, then press trl-Enter Scale object uniformly (Transform palette)
Ctrl-Alt-D Transform Each dialog box
Bounding box
Shift-drag handle Scale object uniformly using bounding box(Free Transform or Selection tool)
Alt-drag handle Resize object from center using bounding box in Adobe Illustrator
Ctrl-Alt-B Blend > Make
Ctrl-Alt-Shift-B Blend > Release
Free Transform tool
Alt-drag a handle Transform from center
Start dragging corner handle, then Ctrl-drag Distort
Start dragging side handle, then Ctrl-drag Skew
Start dragging corner handle, then Ctrl-Alt-Shift- Make Perspective
Alt Add-anchor-point and Delete-anchor-point tool toggle (either selected)
Alt Use Add-anchor-point tool (Scissors tool selected)
Alt Use Convert-anchor-point tool (Pen tool selected)
Alt Smooth and Pencil tools toggle in Adobe Illustrator
Shift-drag Constrain direction line angle to multiple of 45º with Direct-selection or Convert-anchor-point tool
Ctrl-J Join two selected endpoints
Ctrl-Alt-J Average two selected endpoints
Ctrl-Alt-Shift-J Average and Join two selected endpoints
Drag, then Alt-release Close path while drawing with Pencil or Paintbrush tool
Alt-drag tool Cut in a straight line with Knife tool in Adobe Illustrator
Alt-Shift Cut in 45º increment with Knife tool
Fill & Stroke
F-10 Show/Hide Stroke palette
D Default fill/stroke
Alt Eyedropper and Paint Bucket tool toggle (either one selected)
X Fill/Stroke box toggle (Toolbox and Color palette)
Apply last-used solid color in Adobe Illustrator
/ Apply fill/stroke of None
Color palette
Ctrl-I or F-6 Show/Hide Color palette
Alt-click or drag color spectrum bar on Color pale Change fill color if Stroke box on Toolbox is selected, or vice versa
Shift-click color spectrum bar Cycle through color models in Adobe Illustrator Color pallete
Shift-X Swap fill/stroke
Swatches palette
Ctrl-Alt-click list, start typing name name Select a swatch name in Adobe Illustrator Swatches pallete
F-7 Show/Hide Layers palette in Adobe Illustrator
Ctrl-G Group
Ctrl-Shift-G Ungroup
Restacking (keyboard)
Ctrl-Shift-] Bring To Front
Ctrl-Shift-[ Send To Back in Adobe Illustrator
Ctrl-] Bring Forward
Ctrl-[ Send Backward
Click selection square or Alt-click name Select layer, sublayer, group, or object
Shift-click square Add to selection in Adobe Illustrator
Alt-drag-square Copy selection to new layer, sublayer, group
Alt-click eye icon Hide/show all other layers
Ctrl-click eye icon View a layer in Outline/Preview view
Ctrl-Alt-click eye icon View all other layers in Outline/ Preview view
Alt-click blank box in second column Lock/unlock all other layers in Adobe Illustrator
Create top-level layers
Ctrl-L Create layer above currently selected layer
Ctrl-click New Layer button Create layer at top of list
Ctrl-Alt-click New Layer button Create layer below currently selected layer
Lock/unlock (keyboard)
Ctrl-2 Lock (selected object)
Ctrl-Alt-Shift-2 Lock all unselected objects
Ctrl-Alt-2 Unlock All
Ctrl-T Show/Hide Character palette
Ctrl-M Show/Hide Paragraph palette
Enter Hard Return
Shift-Enter Soft Return
Ctrl-Alt-Shift-M Highlight font field on Character palette
Ctrl-Shift-T Show/hide Tab Ruler palette
Ctrl-Shift-(hyphen key) Force hyphenate a word in Adobe Illustrator
Ctrl-Shift-O Create Outlines
Type tools
Alt Use Area Type tool (Type tool selected, over open path)
Alt Use Path Type tool (Type tool selected, over closed path)
Shift with any type tool Switch to vertical/horizontal type tool equivalent as you create type in Adobe Illustrator
Double-click with any selection tool Switch to Type tool when selecting type block
Selecting type
Double-click Select a word
Triple-click Select a paragraph in Adobe Illustrator
Ctrl-A Select all the type in a block
Ctrl-left/right arrow Move insertion pointer left/right one word
Up/Down arrow Move insertion pointer up/down one line
Ctrl-Shift-L Align left
Ctrl-Shift-C Align center
Ctrl-Shift-R Align right
Ctrl-Shift-J Justify
Ctrl-Shift-F Justify last line
Point size
Ctrl-Shift-> Increase point size in Adobe Illustrator
Ctrl-Shift- Decrease point size
Alt-down arrow Increase leading
Alt-up arrow Decrease leading
Double-click leading button on Character palette Set leading to the current font size in Adobe Illustrator
Horizontal scale
Ctrl-Shift-X Reset horizontal scale to 100%
Alt-right arrow Increase kerning/tracking in Adobe Illustrator
Alt-left arrow Decrease kerning/tracking
Ctrl-Alt right arrow Increase kerning/tracking 5x
Ctrl-Alt left arrow Decrease kerning/tracking 5x
Ctrl-Shift-Q Reset kerning/tracking to 0
Baseline shift
Alt-Shift up arrow Increase baseline shift
Alt-Shift down arrow Decrease baseline shift
Ctrl-Alt-Shift up arrow Increase baseline shift 5x
Ctrl-Alt-Shift down arrow Decrease baseline shift 5x
Curly quotes
Alt-0146 (numeric keypad only) '
Alt-0145 '
F-5 Show/Hide Brushes palette in Adobe Illustrator
Combine Paths
Ctrl-8 Compound Path > Make
Ctrl-Alt-8 Compound Path > Release
Ctrl-4 Repeat last-used Pathfinder command in Adobe Illustrator
F-9 Show/Hide Gradient palette in Adobe Illustrator
> (period) Reapply last-used gradient
Ctrl-click thumbnail Reset gradient palette to black and white
Alt-drag Duplicate color stop
Alt-click swatch Apply swatch color to active color stop in Adobe Illustrator
Shift-drag with Gradient Mesh tool Move mesh point along one of its lines
Shift-click with Gradient Mesh tool Add mesh point using adjacent mesh color
Alt-click with Gradient Mesh tool Remove mesh point
Clipping masks
Ctrl-7 Clipping Mask > Make
Ctrl-Alt-7 Clipping Mask > Release
Transparency palette
Alt-click mask thumbnail View only opacity mask in mask edit mode in Adobe Illustrator Transparency palette
Shift-click mask thumbnail Disable opacity mask
Ctrl-Shift-E Apply Last Effect
Ctrl-Alt-Shift-E Last Effect (reopen last effect dialog box)
Ctrl-/ Add new fill
Ctrl-Alt-/ Add new stroke
Alt-Shift-click with Eyedropper Sample style and append appearance of selected object in Adobe Illustrator
Ctrl-E Apply Last Filter in Adobe Illustrator
Ctrl-Alt-E Last Filter (reopen last filter dialog box)
Precision Tools
Ctrl-R Show/Hide Rulers
Ctrl-; Show/Hide Guides
Ctrl-5 Make Guides
Click selection square on Layers palette, then Ctr Release Guides
Ctrl-Shift- double-click guide Release a guide
Alt-drag new guide Convert guide between horizontal/vertical orientation in Adobe Illustrator
Ctrl-Alt-; Lock/Unlock Guides
Ctrl-� Show/Hide Grid
Ctrl-Shift-� Snap To Grid
Ctrl-Alt-� Snap To Point (Pixel Preview off); Snap To Pixel (Pixel Preview on)
Ctrl-U Smart Guides
Shift-drag with tool Constrain Measure tool to multiple of 45º
Ctrl-K General Preferences dialog box in Adobe Illustrator
Ctrl-Alt-Shift-S Save for Web
Ctrl-Shift-P Page Setup/Print Setup dialog box
Ctrl-P Print dialog box in Adobe Illustrator
F-8 Show/Hide Info
Ctrl-Alt-Shift-K Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box in Adobe Illustrator
F1 Illustrator Help (online)

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